Public Engagement

I believe public engagement to be a vital part of being a scientist. Because of this, I usually seize every opportunity to interact with the public, mostly through citizen science, but also through talks at schools, festivals, events and at art exhibits.

Among the many public engagement events I have participated in, some of my favourites are the Bloom School and Culture night. My very first experience with public engagement was a maritime culinary school at the Limfjord Museum in Løgstør, which led to more fun maritime experiences in Hundested.

Another passion of mine is equity in science. By reaching children and young adults, I hope to inspire more women to develope an interest in STEM and perhaps pursue a STEM career. The first time I did this was at Brown. I have since then become a member of 500 Women Scientists, where I lead the Copenhagen Pod. I also volunteer for Save the Children, where I help coordinate and lead excursions and fun events for at-risk families.