Metagenomics and Metadesign of the Subways and Urban Biome

Together with Professor Michael Poulsen, head of the Social Symbiotic Evolution group and Dr. Ding He I organise the Copenhagen initiative to participate in the global MetaSUB consortium aiming to improve city utilization and planning through the detection, measurement, and design of metagenomics within urban environments. We joined the consortium in 2020, where volunteers contributed 302 samples from the Copenhagen metro system during the Global city sampling day.

A short film I made of the Global City Sampling Day 2020 in Copenhagen.

Global City Sampling Day

Global City Sampling Day (gCSD) is a synchronized event that takes place annually on June 21st. During gCSD samples of DNA, RNA and microbes from surfaces in subways, buses, airports and other well-traveled public spaces are collected across the world’s cities

The collected samples will be then be sequenced and analyzed to develop a genetic and epigenetic map detailing the community of microorganisms that inhabit each participating city, known as its microbiome.

Read more about the international organisation and ongoing projects at

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