One thought on “Can sticking your bum in an ant nest cure disease?

  1. This is a very true story…as a child at the age if 1 to 4 I was fighting juvenile leukemia my finger nails along with toe nails would fall off I had terrible bloody noses that would not stop for hours I would get terrible staff infections was very sick most of the time ..I grew up in Minnesota in I would say the deep woods not far from the st.croix river..about the age of 5 I actually fell asleep in a ant pile,I dont know why or how but it happened ,I couldn’t say for how long but when I awoke I was dizzy disoriented and out of sorts but as god as my witness a short time after I was not sick ,all was better..i am 52 an have had no problems or symptoms since a child..they say or call it acute leukemia now but since that day ,the nap with ants,I have had no blood count is not always right but that honestly is at times the only tell tale of almost another lost child to leukemia


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