First fieldwork experience

At Copenhagen University, one of the great opportunities yfeltturou can seize is to go to Greenland and participate in a three week arctic field course. As a student, gaining fieldwork experience can sometimes be challenging, without having to pay a fortune. This course not only gave me fieldwork experience, but was also the first time I, together with my project partner, Heiðrikur Bergsson, tried to develop and execute my first independent project.

Two things about my time in Greenland that completely took me by surprise: 1. It was really, really warm, with record melting and 2. There were SO many insects. Now this latter point, I had been warned about. Everyone was told to bring a mosquito net hat. I practically lived under the net, even ate my food wearing it. There’s something very charming about flies in your oatmeal and mackerel t
omato sauce on your net, because your trying to get your food under it and up to your mouth.

Station Mean temp for July 8-12 Normal for July
Qaanaaq 7.5°C 4.5°C
Danmarkshavn 8.2°C 3.7°C
Nuuk 13.2°C 6.5°C

To read more about the experiences of everyone who participated in the field course: Blog by the participating students (in Danish)

Below is a slideshow of photos taken by various biology students also participating in the course.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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